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Coaching for business and professional performance

CALM Coaches


Dyfrig is an experienced C suite  performance coach, working with senior teams and individuals to deliver high quality, developmental coached outcomes.

A Founding Partner of CALMcoach,  Dyfrig is driven by the desire to see individuals and teams succeed in role, driving performance for company growth.


Sectoral expertise includes: Hospitality, Travel, Insurance, Banking, Biotech and Professional Services.


Claire is an experienced Board and individual performance coach and Executive mentor; working internationally.


A Founding Partner of CALMcoach,

Claire is driven by a desire to see organisations grow and individuals thrive at work. Claire is the originator of the CALMcoach framework and CALMproject methodology.

Sectoral expertise includes:

Technology, Innovation, Engineering,              Marketing, Public Service, Education, Wireless, Energy, Aerospace and Agriculture.


Coaching for business and professional performance 

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