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Coaching for business and professional performance


coaching system

Game changing coaching for boards, executives, teams and individuals.

CALMcoach is an 'off the shelf' modular coaching programme, for use as part of talent management or organisational tranformation. 

The CALMcoach approach is 'plug and play'; a six step, coached cycle of 6x50 minute coaching sessions.  It follows the CALMcoach framework and is delivered online or face to face, facilitated by an experienced business and/or human capital coach.

Six steps 

Each coaching cycle has six steps.

An experienced CALMcoach takes the client or client group, through a calm and simple six step process. 

Together we tackle one element of the coaching cycle at each coaching session. 

Between coaching sessions, clients work on the actions or practice that have been agreed, working to build a practical way forward for business or group or individual professional development.   

The coaching cycle allows the client to learning and practice new skills, develop new competences and practice new ways of working, while developing fresh tactical or strategic approaches to resolving real-time business problems.  

Six offers

CALMcoach offers targeted coaching at: individual, team, executive and board levels, both individual and group coaching. 


Coaching offers are: 

  • CALMboard - for boards, board members or NEDs

  • CALMexecutive - for C suite, senior teams and executives 

  • CALMteam - for operating teams or project groups    

  • CALMpersonal - for individuals

  • CALMcascade - for transformation roll out programmes

  • CALMproject - for project and programme management


Group coaching is particularly useful when dealing with transformation (teams get to work together to target performance around a particular task or issue), or with Board transition or cohesion (Boards and senior teams integrate while working through strategy or impact challenges, with high quality coaching support).  

Individual coaching is useful for performance development, working through individual challenges and planning for future professional growth.

CALMcascade is for use as part of organisational transformation.

We train key staff to use the CALMcoach methodology.  Cascading the CALM approach throughout the organisation.

CALMproject is project coaching, designed for use on high value projects and programmes.  Used at the initial stages of a programme, to build cohesion, frame communication strategies and support effective programme development. 

Training is available for project and programme managers, and their teams.

Coaching for business and professional performance 

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